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In this article, we will see how to disable the previous date and also advance fetchers which we can perform in the calendar view.

In many apps, you will have seen a calendar for selecting a date, Like for Birthday, Select date for an appointment with the doctor…

Once upon a time, there was a village. The name of the village was Bariyarpur which was situated on the bank of the river, Gandak. The villagers were poor. They don’t have food every day. For food, they worked the whole day then they got food.

Two friends also lived…

View pager Let us or users slide pages on a single screen (activity). it gives to contain multiple pages in a single activity.

In this tutorial, I am using fragments because if there will need to handle some programs can be managed easily in fragments like, handling clicks, showing list and more this

After Sliding a little

Can we show viewPager without fragment?

Yes, you can but you need to manage it or it may be troubleshooting for you. For more information visit…

Hi friends,

I am using firebase for 6 months, when I was started learning and working on firebase at that time I have faced a problem with adding Android projects to firebase But Now it doesn’t happen.

Firebase is a platform which gives us Authentication for user authenticating, In-App Massaging…

For loop is an important part of programming. In this tutorial we understand for loop how it works and how can we reduce codes.

This tutorial is divided into two parts, it’s first part of For loop in Kotlin .

Codes can be written in any language like, kotlin …

Anytime Anywhere Learning provides access to vital or important information that addresses different learning styles and preferences.

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I use to read books and listen audiobook . When ever I got time I listen audiobook . I have remember one line which many people use to say be ready for learning…

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a new activity and how to open it from the current activity may any activity or activity may be anything (MainActivity.kt, LoginActivity,…..)

There may be multiple activities in the App and for switching one to another activity we need Intent and…

Hi friends, I have been using current date or today date in my app. It is easy to implement . For getting today date we will use Calendar.getInstance() it gives us or initialize with current date and time.

It’s use

We use today date for comparing dates, showing today date…

What is country code picker

CCP is a Android library which gives us an easy way to select country, country code or international phone📱📱 code and it’s also gives for searching CCP. There is also country code picker spinner.

After implementation In a left side you will country flag 🚩…

How to Debug the app

I have been working on live project from 2019 and in this one year I understood app debugging is more important for me and developers when ever my app crash I use debugging for find the errors or bugs🐞👾👾 and finally after debugging I get…

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